Pros and Cons of Letting Baby Sleep Late

Every child has different needs when it comes to sleep, and what works for one family might not be as beneficial for another. The amount of sleep your child needs can vary depending on their developmental stage, and other factors such as timing and the quality of their sleep.

In this post, we’ll help you make an informed decision on the best time to wake baby up in the morning, by looking at some of the pros and cons of letting them sleep later in the morning.


Better for your schedule

If you have a later schedule as a family, flowing with your little one’s tendency to sleep later can help you catch up on sleep. This is great if your baby wakes up in the night, allowing you as a parent to get some much-needed rest before your child wakes up.

If you work later hours, you can spend more time with your child in the evenings after a long day. This will provide more opportunities for bonding and connection as a family. If your schedule changes, you can slowly start baby’s bedtime earlier.

Higher quality sleep for baby

Like adults, babies are different when it comes to timings. If your baby sleeps better in the mornings, it’s better to let them sleep, particularly if they tend to wake up a lot at night. This gives them more deep sleep cycles that promote healthy growth and development.

Aids development for more active babies

From birth, babies and toddlers are growing rapidly, and quality sleep is vital to support this growth. When baby starts to crawl and move around more, they will be using more energy, as they explore their surroundings. If you have a very active baby, or they are having a growth spurt, it’s likely that they will need plenty of sleep to recharge.


Later bedtimes

If you’re training your child with the goal of consistent bedtimes letting them sleep later in the morning could disrupt that process. This is more likely to be the case with toddlers and older babies who need more consistent routines to fit in with family schedules, and their own circadian rhythm and feeding patterns. Children need consistent routines, as it brings stability and security to their lives.

Irregular sleep patterns

While it might be tempting to let your child sleep later to get more rest, or have more time to yourself, letting them sleep late can lead to inconsistent sleeping patterns, making it harder to develop a routine. Plus, it might cause them to miss naps, meaning they can become overtired and cranky at night, making it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

I recommend to start your day at the same time. If you want your baby’s schedule to be the same each day, begin each day at the same time. I understand. If your baby is going to sleep in, you want to take advantage of that and sleep in as well!

The reality you have to consider is how those days might affect your baby’s sleep in the future.

Keeping things super consistent and getting your baby up at the same time each morning will help them get on a consistent daily routine sooner, as well as sleep through the night sooner.

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