Sleep Support Packages

Sleep Coaching Call

Discuss Sleep Issues

Troubleshooting Calls

If your baby knows how to fall asleep by themselves, but you CANNOT figure out why your baby won’t sleep longer stretches or take good naps. 

That’s what I’m here for! Book this consultation and talk it over with me! 

On this call I will additionally share first hand experience in handling the struggles that come with baby sleep. 

A troubleshooting call will give you some tools and confidence to support your child through their sleep issues.

Price per call: £79

1-1 Support With me

Virtual Support

If your child is struggling to sleep on their own, waking up frequently at night or early in the morning, not napping well, fighting a regression, or has a habit that needs to be broken. This sleep support is for you.

This support is delivered over a period of 1 to 3 weeks and produces longer naps, easier predictable scheduling, dropping night feeds on their own, happier babies and happier, and less overwhelmed mums!

From £279

Remote Sleep Coaching

1 Week Package

Some children respond to sleep teaching within a week, if there are no circumstances adding to the sleep issues.

Price: £279

2 Weeks Package

Two weeks is generally a good amount of time to set the sleep plan in place and get you and your child used to it.

Price: £399

3 Weeks Package

Where sleep issues are particularly deep rooted, or there are compounding issues, three weeks is recommended.

Price: £499

Sleep Coaching at Home

I can come to you

In-Home Support

For some people, remote support isn’t enough and that’s why I am one of the very few sleep supporters that offer in-home support. 

If you want the ultimate support, I can come into your home and work through your sleep issues directly.

1. Daytime Nap Support (2 hours)

2. Bedtime Support (4 hours)

3. 12-Hour Overnight Stay

From £349

Daytime Nap Support

2 hours

I visit your home during your child’s naptime to show you how to settle your baby to sleep. I’ll also guide you through gentle techniques to help your little one sleep longer at nap times.

Includes 1 week follow up Whatsapp support.

Price: £349

Bedtime Support

4 hours

I’m there during your child’s bedtime. I’ll support you as I implement a bedtime routine and sleep method that suits your family’s needs, so you feel confident to continue independently once I’m gone.

Includes 2 weeks follow up Whatsapp support.

Price: £649

Overnight Stay

12 hours

For comprehensive overnight support, I will visit your home and support you manage all night wakings or provide guidance as needed throughout the night. This is the ultimate sleep support package.

Includes 2 weeks follow up Whatsapp support.

Price: £849

Sleep Coaching Session Online

Lets get started

Free Initial Assessment

My support begins with an in depth discussion based on the detailed intake form you’ll fill out. From there, I’ll create a personalised sleep plan tailored specifically to your family’s situation. 

And don’t worry, our support doesn’t end there. You’ll have access to two weeks of unlimited post-visit support via WhatsApp, where I’ll continue to offer encouragement and assistance as you and your child begin on this sleep journey together.