Hi, I'm Misha

The Gentle Sleep Nanny

I am a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, mum of twins with 18 years of experience working with infants, children and families in the Czech Republic, Holland and the UK.

I have helped hundreds of families gently teach their children how to sleep as they should, get into a regular sleeping pattern and help the whole family get a good night’s sleep once again.

If you are currently struggling with your little one’s sleep in the night or in the day, arrange a free assessment with me and I will explain how we can work together to make it better, quickly.

What I Do

I help exhausted parents who are not enjoying life and are stressed out about going back to work, home life, as well as their marriage, by getting their little one to sleep soundly. 

I’ll teach you to successfully read your baby’s cues and non-verbal communication, before developing a personalised sleep plan that recognises each child’s specific needs and natural patterns.

Baby Won't Sleep

How I Do It

I only use an entirely holistic, evidence-based parenting approach to create a sleep plan that you can manage – one which takes into account the needs of the child and expectations of each family.

I support families across the UK, providing both online 1:1 consultations and, to parents in my catchment area I offer overnight sleep visits. 

I can also offer flexible packages to suit your family’s needs.